Statement Condemning Applied Behavioral Analysis’s Aversive Practices

via Statement Condemning Applied Behavioral Analysis’s Aversive Practices

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Statement Condemning Applied Behavioral Analysis’s Aversive Practices

Good article

Neurodiversity for Music Therapists

Compliance training is overrated. Learning is underrated. Challenge yourself, as a music therapist, on your own thoughts about what harms Applied Behavioral Analysis, and behavioral therapy (in general) can do to the autistic community, especially if you’re a BC-BA who is an MT-BC.It is imperative.


Thanks to Henny Kupferstein, who is a fantastic autistic autism researcher, we now have a full-fledge article that continues to echo autistic voices and actually proves that ABA causes PTSD. If you’re a psychologist, music therapist, or professional reading this, please keep an open mind going into this statement. If you’re an MT-BC who is also a BC-BA, we encourage you to change your field to a humanistic approach within your own practice, through conferences, and through conversations. Topics such as planned ignoring, extinction, punishment, and many other ABA topics are just simply harmful. Based on lived experience within our own team…

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Females with Aspergers Syndrome Checklist by Samantha Craft

Autism is still seen as a male predominant thing, but it is being more recognised in females.
A very interesting piece…I am male and score very highly on all points.

Everyday Aspie

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and based on my experience after 12 years of researching about autism and being officially diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. It is not meant to replace the DSM-V Autism Spectrum Disorder definition nor is this list meant to serve as an official diagnostic tool. Hundreds of women have used this list in conjunction with the DSM-IV or DSM-V and a professional mental health professional’s guidance. It is also based on 4.5 years of communicating almost daily with those that are diagnosed with autism and some that believe themselves to be on the spectrum. It is not all inclusive. Some will fit into categories and not be autistic/Asperian. This is meant as a springboard for discussion and more awareness into the female experience with autism.

* Highly intelligent does not relate to IQ levels. Often Aspies are dyslexic and have dysgraphia and other learning disabilities but can be highly intelligent about particular subject…

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Autism: Outside the ‘disorder’ box

An excellent and worthwhile read

Everyday Aspie

My favorite course in college, back in the late-80s, was LOGIC!

If A = B and B= C, then A = C 

Yes! Of course! Indeed! Bravo! Finally something that makes sense in my world!

I used a similar line of logic below . . .

Autism = a developmental disorder

Autism = Disorder

A = D

Disorder: an abnormal physical or mental condition

Disorder = Abnormal

D = Ab  

If A=D and D=Ab, then A=Ab

Autism = Abnormal

A = Ab

Abnormal: unusual in an unwelcomed or problematic way

Autism = unusual in an unwelcomed or problematic way

Me = Autism

Me = unusual in an unwelcomed or problematic way

My friends and son = Autism

My friends and son = unusual in an unwelcomed or problematic way

Abnormal psychology theorizes people are “abnormal” or “atypical” when compared to the members of a given society.  By nature, the definition…

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Cathedral In The Desert

Iconic Photos


In 1956, when the American government approved the Colorado River Storage Project Act, it was considered a significant achievement towards taming the Colorado River and powering to the southwest. The region, however, was laden with beautiful landscapes, which would be flooded by the project’s proposed dams.

To protect Dinosaur National Monument, a compromise site was chosen in a remote region between Arizona and Utah, 20 miles upriver from the Grand Canyon — a decision the environmentalists would come to regret immediately afterwards. David Brower, the executive director of The Sierra Club, who initially supported the dam, visited the area before it was flooded and reversed his position. He would partner with photographer Eliot Porter to publish the book The Place No One Knew, a photographic documentation of Glen Canyon which would be submerged.

Porter traveled through Glen Canyon eleven times, but his photos failed to convince President Johnson to halt the dam. The environmentalists also faced a…

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When Brussels decided to end tax avoiding practices within its member states, Britain decided to leave the EU.

Nolan Jazimreg

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country… It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

Edward L. Bernays

David Cameron wanted the Great Britain to remain in the European Union, however, his frail campaign failed because he never informed the British voters of the biggest advantage of staying, which is EU’s new Anti Tax Avoidance Directive.

To convince the British people to vote remain, Mr Cameron had to remind them that by staying in the EU, his government would have had to implement EU’s Anti Tax Avoidance Directive by the year 2019, by enacting new laws and collecting taxes from everyone, including our tax-dodging billionaires.

However, throughout his political career, Mr Cameron wasn’t keen…

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Gypsy Reggae and Folk Aimed to Save The Barge

The Barge Inn needs saving! via Gypsy Reggae and Folk Aimed to Save The Barge

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