The UK Ministry of Defence 6B/346 Mk 11 “Navigator’s” Wristwatch

Nice little piece about the JLG ‘mark 11’

Time Fliers - Watches and Flight

First let me say that so many fine articles have been written about this iconic wristwatch over the years that, frankly, I’m a bit embarrassed to set my hand to the task. Lest I be accused of hubris, I will freely admit that I’m breaking no new ground here. Indeed, I’ve learned ‘most all I know of the Mark Eleven from those writings, and I will hyperlink a selection of them before I close. Also, I must say that the common perception of modern watch enthusiasts that “Pilot’s Watch” is synonymous with the Beobachtungsuhren (or “B-Uhr”) designs of the German Luftwaffe of WW2 strikes me as a grave disservice. So today we will focus on the aviation timepieces used by the Allied forces and which were, arguably, superior to their Axis counterparts.

OK. Where to start? I suppose that to truly tell the story of the Mk 11, it’s necessary…

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