I really wish people would stop calling UKIP racists and Nazis

A must read!

Van Rants

I have a confession to make;

I find it really frustrating when people refer to ukip as racists or Nazis, when this is simply not true.
Ukip have members and councilors of all racial and ethnic minorities, so they are not racist, and Nazi refers to a particular historical German sect of anti-Semitic nationalist bigotry and violence. These are lazy, short-cut insults which do nothing to get to the heart of the matter.
No, ukip are not racist, and they are not Nazis.
The correct word is fascists.
At this point, a fair number of readers of this blog are probably fuming, enraged, refusing to read on – “Here we go again, someone calling me a fascist because they do not agree with me” and, maybe, I can understand this attitude – everybody knows that ‘fascist’ is a word frequently overused by many, both on the left and right, often…

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